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Understand to Wager on Craps – Tricks and Techniques: Do Not Throw in the Towel

Over your craps-betting experience, you will certainly have more non-winning sessions than successful times. Go along with it. You must discover how to wager in reality, not in fantasy land. Craps is devised for the gambler to not win.

Say, after two hours, the dice have brought your chip stack down to twenty dollars. You haven’t seen a smokin roll in ages. Even though squandering is as much a part of craps as acquiring a win, you can not help but feel bad. You begin to think about why you even bothered heading to sin city to begin with. You were solid for 2 hours, but it didn’t work. You need to win so much that you lose control of your clear-headedness. You are down to your final $20 for the night and you have little fight left. Stop!

You must never give up, never bow out, never believe, "This is aweful, I’m going to place the rest on the Hard 4 and, if I am defeated, then I’ll call it quits. However if I win, I will be right back where I began." That is the dumbest thing you can do at the end of a losing game.

If you can not acknowledge not winning, you have no business gambling. If you cannot accept losing a given session, then bail out of that game and take your money. Do not throw your cash away on a appalling wager hoping to hit it big and win your money back in one great go.

If it is a horrible session and you lose a lot swiftly, then acknowledge defeat and cash out with the ten dollars, $15, or twenty dollars that you have remaining. Use that left over twenty dollars, have a beer in the lounge, enjoy the live music. Play it in a five cent electronic poker game and maybe hit a 1,000-coin win for $50. Put it in your pocket, find your significant other, and spend some time with her. Don’t relent. Do something other than piss your money away on a non-winning proposition wager. Do not throw in the towel.